Le Sac - Le Petit Sac En Papier
Le Sac - Le Petit Sac En Papier


Le Sac - Le Petit Sac En Papier

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A must-have item for any home decor lover, this on-trend styling item is the perfect addition to any room of your home.

  • This bag is amazingly indestructible - it is made from super tough layered paper meaning little hands and teeth will destroy the bag!
  • Use it for storing children's toys, a waste paper bag, a laundry bag or for storing your rolls of wrapping paper....the possibilities are endless.
  • Printed as "Le Sac" in French on one side and "Paper Bag" in English on the the other.
  • Also available in mini size

Product Details

Material:       Durable layered recyled natural kraft paper

Made in France

Dimensions: 60cm H x 32cm L x 16cm D (33 litres)  


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