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June's Collection

Status : Shop now


             pre-order and receive on the 2nd week of July 2017


May's Collection

Status : Shop now


April's Collection

Status : Shop now


March's Collection

Status : Shop now


February's Collection

Status : 2 weeks Delayed due to shipment issue

            15th Feb Pre-order Closed

              27th Feb Shipped from SYD to Port Klang

              12th April Arrived at Port Klang

              22nd April Delivered to customers


January's Collection

Status : 20th Jan Pre-order Closed

             30th Jan Shipped from SYD to Port Klang

              25th Feb Arrived at Port Klang

             1st March Delivery/Collection


December's Collection

Status : 1 week delayed due to CNY Break

             18th Dec Pre-order Closed

             31st Dec Shipped from SYD to Port Klang

             26th Jan Arrived at Port Klang

             4th Feb Delivery/Self Collect for customers


November's Collection

Status : 14th Nov Pre-order Closed

             28th Nov Shipped from SYD to Port Klang

             27th Dec Arrived at Port Klang

             31st Dec Delivery/Self Collect for customers


October's Collection

Status :   31st Oct Shipped from SYD to Port Klang

               21st Nov Arrived at Port Klang

               28th Nov Delivery/Self Collect for customers


August's Collection 

Status : 2 weeks Delayed due to Hanjin's global shipment issue

            30 Aug Shipped from Sydney Port

             7 Oct Arrived at Port Klang

             10 Oct Awaiting Custom Clearance

             14 Oct Delivered to HQ, Damansara Perdana

             15 Oct Delivery/Self Collect for customers 


July's Collection

Status : Delivered by 3rd September 2016


June's Collection

Status : Delivered by 29th July 2016


May's Collection

Status : Delivered by 22nd June 2016 2016